The High School enrolls students from Grade 9 through Grade 12. Springdale Education Center’s High School has been designed to be gender specific and comprises the High School Boys (HSB) and the High School Girls (HSG).

The High School Program provides comprehensive academic activities and focuses on preparing students for 21st century adulthood. While the girl’s program amd boy’s program are geographically separated, MCAS 10th grade Math class, MCAS 10th grade ELA class and other preparatory classes are taught to co-ed groupings.

Beginning in the 9th Grade, the Guidance Department becomes involved in assisting students with PSAT’s, SAT”s and other college admission activities, school-to-work programming, and/or prepaprtion for a career in the military. High School students are provided as many opportunities as possible to participate in activities and/or classes from their sending school district or the local community colleges.