Springdale Education Center is an approved private school by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Springdale Education Center first opened its doors to students in 1997 and continues to provide a range of educational, clinical, psycho-educational, behavioral and outreach services for youth ages 5-22 who are challenged with serious mental health issues, have engaged in aggressive behaviors, and have provided a significant challenge to caregivers.

Springdale Education Center’s owner, John Foley, and director, Patti Cutler, believe that all children, regardless of circumstances, deserve unconditional positive regard and will flourish when they are provided with the resources that they need to succeed.

Sprindale’s dedicated and talented staff, under the tutelage of site coordinator Eddie Garcia, Case Management Supervisor Laura Nash, and Clinical Supervisor, Mary Bianco, provide an environment that is safe, supportive, and welcoming.

We are proud of our students’ accomplishments as well as the endless compassion of our staff.